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  • If the pip install step gives you an error like "DEPRECATION: Uninstalling a distutils installed project (pexpect) has been deprecated", try

    pip install stata_kernel --ignore-install pexpect
  • If you have multiple installations of Python on your machine, make sure you run python -m stata_kernel.install during installation with the same Python executable as the one you usually use. This matters especially when using several Python virtual environments. You'll need to install stata_kernel within each environment you use.

Graphs won't display

  • If you're using a user-written command to generate your graph, you'll need to add that command to the list of graph keywords.
  • If you're on Windows and using Edge as your browser, SVG images won't work. This is a known issue.

    Easy solutions:

    • Don't use Internet Explorer/Edge
    • Set the graph format to PNG instead of SVG. Run one of the following to change the graph's storage format:

      %set graph_format png
      %set graph_format png --permanently