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Jupyter Lab is the successor to Jupyter Notebook, and allows for having multiple documents side-by-side.

Starting JupyterLab

You can start JupyterLab by running:

jupyter lab

in your terminal or command prompt. Just like the Notebook, this should open up a page in your browser, where you can open a new Stata notebook or console.

Syntax highlighting

To enable syntax highlighting for Stata with JupyterLab, you need to run (only once):

conda install -c conda-forge nodejs -y
jupyter labextension install jupyterlab-stata-highlight

If you didn't install Python from Anaconda, the conda command won't work and you'll need to install Node.js directly before running jupyter labextension install.


One of the benefits of JupyterLab over the Notebook is that it was designed for extensibility. There's a growing list of plugins that can be used with JupyterLab. Here's an unofficial list: mauhai/awesome-jupyterlab

More info

Project documentation website: