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Kyle Barron

New Website

1 min read

After a few years of having a semi-dead Jekyll-based website, I'm happy to transition to a new website based on GatsbyJS.

I'm excited for this switch because I can incorporate some cool new technologies into the site. For example, this post is written in MDX, which allows you to combine the simplicity of Markdown with the flexibility of React.

For example, I can have editable code snippets that accept updates from the user, like this:

const onClick = () => {
alert("Change this text");
render(<button onClick={onClick}>Click me!</button>);

Update Change this text, click the button, and you can see the text you just put in!

I'm using this starter, which helped to get everything set up. The website is hosted on Github Pages, and builds and deploys automatically on every new commit using Travis CI, so I can just write and commit! Everything is open source at